About ISMA

ISMA no longer uses this as our primary website. Please visit our new website at www.ismamentors.wix.com/isma for current information!


The purpose of ISMA shall be to serve and support the international student population by fostering relationships with Mentors and to serve as a support organization for International Student Services during international student events, including, but not limited to, the International Student Conference, Check-In, and Welcome Party and throughout the academic year as needed. 


Check out our events page to know more about the events we conduct through out the semester!


Contact us at ismamentors@gmail.com with any questions!


Want to know more about the current ISMA team? 

Matching form for International Students

Please fill the following details to help us choose the best possible Mentor for you! 

You will meet your mentor at the ISMA matching party on September 3rd from 7-9pm in Rudder Tower 601 (this event is required unless you email us in advance).

Only Texas A&M students may fill out this form (no dependents).

The form is currently closed, if you still wish to find a mentor, we will have a waitlist at the doors of the matching party on September 3rd, 7pm at Rudder 601.


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